Skrei season is here!

Skrei (pronounced ‘skray’) is a special kind of migratory Norwegian cod. Skrei means ‘wanderer’, referring to the 1000km journey these cod make each year to spawn around the islands of Lofoten and Vesterålen. This epic swim through the rough Barents Sea is what gives Skrei such amazingly succulent, flavoursome white flesh. Skrei is strictly seasonal and the catch is tightly monitored.
We are proud to supply Skrei - contact your local Direct Seafoods depot to place your order for Skrei.
To earn their tag, Skrei must be:
• Caught from specific grounds off northern Norway
• Only available between January and April
• In pristine condition, with no marks or blemishes
• Packed by trained staff within 12 hours
• Third party quality controlled by the Fishery Sales Organisation
• Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fish
Michel Roux Jr:
"Skrei is a versatile ingredient with lean, firm white flesh that lends itself to both modern and classic dishes. The biggest inspiration for me as a chef is seasonality, and that includes the forthcoming Skrei season. The delicate, sublime taste of Skrei cod is second to none. It is a truly sustainable fish with a unique legacy, which adds value to an already extraordinary product. As a chef I always insist on the finest ingredients and Skrei never disappoints. I am proud and honoured to be an ambassador for what I consider to be one of the finest products of the sea."
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